Monday, December 26, 2016

10 reasons for Inspiration

Not necessarily a blog post...more of a list of inspirations:

Picasso - The first artist I learned to love.
Architecture - Being from Chicago, this is kind of a given.  Speaking of which...
Cubs - Yeah...lifelong Cubs fan, lover of baseball, and lover of the lovable WINNERS!
Family - My family is very proud, hardworking, and extremely tight knit.  The driving force behind the majority of my decisions and motivations.
Fatherhood - I know that goes in line with Family, but I love being a husband and father.  I LOVE it!
Business - I love discussing business.  Concepts, ideas, etc.
Politics - I'm very opinionated, politically.  That is for a very different blog though :)
Cars - Yes...a Photographer who concentrates on automotive photography is a bit of a car freak!
Nature - The world around us is beautiful, and such a gift.
Travelling - I try to take at least 4-5 trips a year.  Its a must.  I work really hard, in order to live really easy.

Just 10 of my reasons for inspiration.  How about you?

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