Thursday, June 23, 2016


I haven't been posting many blogs recently.  Here's why.  This happened earlier this month:

79 Years. My dad lived for 79 years, in spectacular fashion.
On May 27, he was born.
On May 27, he was imprisoned in Cuba, for fighting against the Castro regime.
On May 27, he was let out of prison.
On May 27, he made it to America.
Today, he celebrated his 25th year anniversary as a Deacon with the Catholic church, and passed into heaven with all the angels.
Today, my son's eyes grew wider and wider, as I told him my dads tales of how he hijacked helicopters, leapt from airplanes, fought valiantly against the evils in Cuba, and did it all for us. I told him about how hard he worked, and how much he sacrificed, so we may have the freedoms and opportunity he never had. I explained to him how much his abuelo's spirit lives on in him.
Today, I explained to my son, how, when other kids were idolizing the Spidermans, Batmans, Captain Americas of the world, I saw papi as my superhero, spending his entire life fighting oppression and injustice, with love, and righteousness, in Cuba, as a young man, and daily, in America. My father was always a pillar in our community for everything that was right with the world, everything that was worth fighting for.
Today, I kissed my father, for the last time, and held his hand, for the last time, but I did not say goodbye. Although our family has heavy hearts, we celebrate an amazing man, husband, father, grandfather. His was a physical life well lived.
Today, we celebrate the next part of papi's life.
Te quiero mucho.

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